Slovenian scientific journal for phenomenology and hermeneutics Phainomena welcomes articles, translations, and book reviews predominantly from the fields of phenomenological as well as hermeneutical philosophy, history of philosophy, philosophy of culture, aesthetics, religion, politics, and theory of science, but at the same time accommodates publications from the neighboring or related fields of the humanities and social sciences. For publication consideration the journal accepts the submissions of original scientific papers in Slovenian, English, French, and German languages, as well as translations from foreign languages into Slovenian. Authors interested in the publication of their work in another language should consult the editors regarding such a possibility prior to the submission of the manuscript. Beside original scientific papers the journal also publishes review articles, professional papers, preliminary communications, and book reviews; special thematic issues often include an invited editorial or introductory text by the (guest) editor(s).

The present section of the website is dedicated to the announcement of the Calls for Papers for upcoming and planned (thematic) issues of the journal.

We kindly ask you to contact the editorship with regard to eventual suggestions for articles, translations, or book reviews.


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